03 June, 2009

Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives - Taylor's Automatic Refresher

Taylor's Automatic Refresher felt like it was straight out of the 50's except for the modern day twist on classic burger, sandwich and salad choices. The seating was all picnic style with a small bar area and everything was open air. Right in the heart of Napa Valley, Taylor's is one of a kind among all the ritzy winery's and upscale cafes. Despite being seemingly out of place, the crowded tables and long line said otherwise.

You order up at the window and wait until you hear your name called over the loudspeaker. Andy ordered a Western burger which had guacamole, pepper jack cheese, and pickled jalapenos with sweet potato fries. Sean got a Wisconsin Sourdough burger with cheddar, mushrooms, bacon, and regular fries. I had to settle for a Veggie burger, which was probably the most delicious veggie burger I've ever had, with lettuce, pickles, and signature sauce. We hadn't eaten much of a breakfast that morning so the savory burgers at Taylor's were thoroughly enjoyed. Sean also got a chocolate milkshake that was mind blowing in it's delectable simplicity. After all, a 50's style burger joint wouldn't be complete without a selection of shakes. In short, Taylor's Automatic Refresher gets a sincere nod of approval from JAS.

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