20 May, 2009

P-Style Anyone?

Given the controversy, confusion and trepidations surrounding this particular possession of mine, and all the attention it receives every time it is mentioned, I feel it is only appropriate that I include a brief explanation of the P-Style. The P-Style is a device which enables a female to pee standing up. I can't even begin to tell you how useful this is for road trips, camping, concerts, hiking, etc. Essentially, the P-Style allows females to relieve themselves with same ease and freedom as males when more desirable facilities are lacking, unsanitary or unavailable.

The initial reaction always seem to be "eww, gross" which I feel is unwarranted. The sheer convenience of this item cancels out any gross or weird factor. I would venture to say that any female partaking in an experience such as the one I am currently would much rather use this ingenious invention than the traditional method of "popping a squat" which I think we all know is less than desirable.

I'll spare you the instructional rhetoric but I will include Sean and Andy's explanation of the shape of the P-Style. According to them, it is reminiscent of the spoons they give you when you order Miso Soup. Interestingly, I actually learned of the P-Style last year when Sean, Andy, Gavin, Zach, Eric and Victor returned from Bonnaroo, a music festival, telling tales of girls who could by some miracle pee standing up using this mysterious device. If nothing else, it makes for an interesting conversation; seeing people's initial reactions has proven to be both priceless and hilarious.

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  1. i effin love it! hahaha p-style! also useful for those drunken walks to the parking lot!